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We recommend 5 year docking service

When your vessel is scheduled for drydocking it is a good time to get a thorough overhaul of your waste water treatment system. This ensures that it is in optimal condition before you leave the dock where it is easier to access service than in open waters.

After 5 years, we recommend that the overhaul of our bioreactors include sludge removal, matrix replacement, replacement of mechanical seals, adjustments of control cabinet functions and more

Service and spare parts

If you need service or spare parts for your bioreactor, we are here to help.

We can help you with repair, service, overhaul kits, on-site training, commissioning and original spare parts.

The best way to protect your equipment is to ensure that maintenance and service is done by Gertsen & Olufsen authorised service partners, and that original spare parts are used.

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We have a wide network of agents globally, all with knowledge about our products and ready to help you.

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